Can You Develop Food Allergies Later In Life?

Most food allergies start in childhood, but they can develop at any time of life.

It isn’t clear why, but some adults develop an allergy to a food they used to eat with no problem.

Sometimes a child outgrows a food allergy only to have it reappear in adulthood.

Can you suddenly develop a food allergy?

Yup, you can suddenly get food allergies as an adult. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology, food allergy symptoms “can appear at any age” and impact up to 4 percent of adults. And, the organization adds, you can develop an allergy to foods you’ve eaten for years with no problem.

Can you develop an allergy to eggs later in life?

An egg allergy is extremely rare in adults. Clinical symptoms in adults almost always begin in childhood or young adulthood, but there are documented cases of adult-onset egg allergies. Symptoms may range from mild nausea or a flaring of eczema, to an anaphylactic reaction.

Can you develop a shellfish allergy later in life?

Although most major food allergies begin in childhood, one allergy in particular stands apart: shellfish. An allergy to shellfish may develop any time during a person’s life, but tends to present in adulthood. It can be caused by foods that you’ve eaten before with no issues.