Question: Does Freshpet Have Cat Food?

Question: Does Freshpet Have Cat Food?

Our cat food philosophy is simple: fresh is best.

So we created food so fresh that you can only find it in the fridge!

Packed with nutrition, our Freshpet cat meals give your cat everything they crave, and nothing they don’t need.

No fillers, no additives, no “meat powders” or preservatives.

Does freshpet make food for cats?

Freshpet believes in the difference fresh dog and cat food can make to the health of your pet. All Freshpet food is: Made with all natural, fresh ingredients. Made with farm raised chicken and beef.

Can dogs eat freshpet cat food?

Cats and dogs have different dietary requirements. Dogs, contrary to some beliefs, are omnivores, which means they eat meat and vegetables, so they need a more varied diet than just meat alone to meet their nutritional requirements. Cat food is much higher in meat-based protein than dog food.

Can you heat up fresh pet food?

You can also add in a bit of hot or warm water to a refrigerated portion of the honest kitchen food and mix it thoroughly to bring to room temperature. Deva Khalsa, VMD, agrees that microwaving your dog’s food is not recommended. “Microwave cooking destroys many important nutrients.

Is freshpet cat food grain free?

Nature’s Fresh® Grain Free Chicken & Ocean Whitefish Recipe with Carrots & Spinach for Cats. Prepared using humanely raised fresh chicken, vitamin-rich peas, and carrots, this grain free cat food recipe gives your cat a healthy, hearty option. Comes in a resealable bag great for a quick and easy meal.

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