Question: Is Freshpet Good For Overweight Dogs?

Freshpet recipes are great for weight loss or prevention because they are low in carbs, high in meat content and do not contain simple carbohydrates like corn or white rice.

Freshpet Slice and Serve rolls have portion measurements that are easy to use, making it easy to manage portion sizes.

Will freshpet help my dog lose weight?

The key to losing weight is simple, a dog needs to burn more calories each day than he/she consumes. Veterinary Nutritionists agree the optimal rate of weight loss for both dogs and cats is 1-2% of their body weight per week. This helps protect lean body (muscle) mass while preferentially burning fat mass.

What is the best dog food for overweight dogs?

Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Weight Loss

  • Annamaet Grain-Free Lean Low Fat Dog Food.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight Chicken Dog Food.
  • Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Weight Control Dog Food.
  • Dr. Tim’s Metabolite Weight Management Dog Food.
  • Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight Recipe.
  • Nulo Freestyle Adult Trim Cod and Lentils Dog Food.

How much freshpet should I feed my dog?

Feeding guidelines: Depending on the age, activity level and condition of your dog, the feeding guidelines will need to be adjusted. The normal daily feeding amount for a healthy adult dog: Dog’s weight: 5-15 lbs. Cups*: 1/2-1.

Is freshpet really good for dogs?

Overall, Freshpet is a very high protein dog food which is great for the majority of dogs. If your dog has kidney issues or other specific health concerns, check with your vet first to see if Freshpet is a good option for your dog.