Quick Answer: Is It Really Healthier For A Dog To Eat Grain Free?

Is grain free good for dogs?

Quick Answer: Is It Really Healthier For A Dog To Eat Grain Free?

People Are Feeding Their Dogs Grain-Free Diets, and It May Be Bad for Their Hearts.

Recently, the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it is investigating a link between grain-free dog foods — which have ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas and lentils — and canine heart disease.

Should I feed my dog grain free?

Dogs still need carbohydrates for energy, though. Despite the benefits for some dogs, there are downsides to feeding a grain-free dog food. Many people assume grain free means low carb, but that’s not the case. In fact, some dog foods without grains are higher in alternative carbohydrate sources like potatoes and peas.

Why is grain bad for dogs?

Unless your dog has a grain allergy, grains are not harmful. The reality is that true food allergies are extremely low in dogs and cats, and the offending substances usually are not grains.” In fact, grains are a good source of sub nutrients and are beneficial for most dogs.

Does grain free food cause heart problems in dogs?

Dogs fed “grain free” food based on peas, lentils or potatoes are developing an unusual condition that can cause an enlarged heart, the Food and Drug Administration warned Thursday. “The FDA is investigating the potential link between DCM and these foods.

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