Question: What Happens If A Dog Is Overweight?

Question: What Happens If A Dog Is Overweight?

Overweight dogs have extra skin folds, which can cause irritation and infection by bacteria.

This can lead to scratching, body odor and skin redness.

Overweight dogs often have an unhealthy looking coat because it’s harder, if not impossible, for them to groom effectively.

How long do Overweight dogs live?

It was always accepted that heavy dogs lived a shorter lifespan than lean dogs, usually by 6-12 months. But a large, lifetime study of Labrador Retrievers has found that being even moderately overweight can reduce a dog’s life expectancy by nearly two years compared to their leaner counterparts.

Is freshpet good for overweight dogs?

Freshpet recipes are great for weight loss or prevention because they are low in carbs, high in meat content and do not contain simple carbohydrates like corn or white rice. Freshpet Slice and Serve rolls have portion measurements that are easy to use, making it easy to manage portion sizes.

How do I put my dog on a diet?

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Is my dog too skinny?

Run your fingers down your dog’s spine and then feel for his pelvic bone. On a dog of normal weight, you can feel each individual rib, but you can’t see them. On thick-coated dogs, part the fur as necessary to get an accurate impression. If you can see the ribs, your dog has insufficient fat — he is too skinny.

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