Quick Answer: What Is The Best Food For A Constipated Cat?

Quick Answer: What Is The Best Food For A Constipated Cat?

– Wheat bran is another natural source of fiber.

Mix one to two tablespoons with your cat’s food every 12 to 24 hours.

– Canned pumpkin is a source of fiber but it does not actually provide as much fiber content as Metamucil or Miralax.

You can add 1-2 tablespoons to each meal.

What should I feed my constipated cat?

If constipation is mild, veterinarians may supplement a cat’s diet with fiber, such as canned pumpkin, bran, or psyllium. Other medications, such as stool softeners, laxatives, and motility modifiers, may help, as well.

How can I add fiber to my cat’s diet?

High protein, low carbohydrate (and low fiber diets) most closely resemble a cat’s natural diet.

Increasing water intake:

  • Feed canned food — increased water content will improve hydration and soften the feces.
  • Add water to dry food if your cat will not eat canned food.
  • Use water fountains or running water sources.

Will wet cat food help with constipation?

Talk to your vet about treatment

One approach to managing your cat’s constipation is to use wet food or mixed dry and wet feeding. This gives your cat a considerable increase in their intake of water, which in turn helps combat your cat’s constipation by helping to lubricate the colon.

What is a natural laxative for cats?

Many cats prefer moving water. Add a pinch of psyllium fiber at each meal. If your cat gets hairballs, consider adding a non-petroleum hairball remedy to each meal to help the hair pass through the GI tract. Some cats may need a natural laxative, such as aloe vera juice, added to their diet.

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