Quick Answer: Will Grain Free Food Help My Cat Lose Weight?

Quick Answer: Will Grain Free Food Help My Cat Lose Weight?

In most cases, feeding a diet that provides 60% to 70% of the calories needed to maintain the cat’s current body weight is a safe starting point for weight loss.

A veterinarian can help determine if a diet is working for a specific cat.

Feed cats highly digestible, meat-based foods.

Is grain free cat food good for weight loss?

Grain-free cat food is ideal for cats with skin allergies, but often, because they contain more ingredients like chicken, they can be higher in fat than grainy foods. Halo’s Healthy Weight food is a great compromise. Made with whole wild salmon and whitefish, it’s still very low in fat without the grains.

Should my cat eat grain free food?

Most cats do not actually require a grain free or a gluten free diet. High protein, low carbohydrate diets do have their place, particularly in the feeding of diabetic cats. However, it is important not to assume that a grain free diet is a low carbohydrate diet.

Does grain free food cause heart problems in cats?

Many of these dogs are being fed grain free diets which are aggravating taurine levels. Low levels of taurine often lead to cardiomyopathy – a fatal heart condition in dogs and cats. These dogs had heart disease, and many of them were on a grain-free diet.

What is a good healthy dry cat food?

Best Raw: Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Natural Dry Cat Food. Plus, your cat will receive prebiotics for healthy digestion, omega-3 and six fatty acids for a smooth coat, and antioxidants for a healthy immune system. No grain, potatoes, corn, wheat or soy, and no artificial colors or preservatives.

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